Dr. Suzette Garay, Ph.D.

Educational Psychologist
ASLTA Qualified Level


American Sign Language Teachers Association

National Association for the Education of Young Children


 A variety of experiences affected Dr. Suzette Garay’s educational and career choices. The fields of Psychology and Education seemed like natural choices to her as she made her way through numerous degrees. She holds a BA, MA, PSY.S and a Ph.D., and her major areas of study are Psychology, Sign Language, and Special Education- Learning Disabilities.



Dr. Garay is currently an Educational Psychologist, and teaches Psychology and Sign Language courses at Waukesha County Technical College. She also works with several private-sector programs related to sign language, mentoring, diversity and special education. She has taught distance education courses and workshops in ASL linguistics, special education, and disability issues throughout the Midwest and at the national level.  Dr. Garay is also a national certified Sign Language Instructor and state certified master consultant and trainer who enjoys working with families and very young children.


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It’s not about being different that matters…


Dr. Suzette Garay is an accomplished motivational speaker who can present on a wide range of topics encompassing the special education, deaf awareness, and cultural diversity fields.  She is also an educator and consultant in special education.  She travels nationwide, giving motivational presentations and workshops on related issues.  Dr. Garay's impressive credentials, her academic background and her own experience growing up as a Deaf Latina uniquely qualify her to provide valuable insight into what drives a person to achieve. The next step is to help the individual to realize his/her greatest potential.
's what you do with it that counts!


Dr. Garay endeavors to inspire educators and parents to really look at each person in a new light, to envision the talents and possibilities that are locked within, and provide tools that empower these individuals to achieve new levels of accomplishment.  Together, you can find the key to unlock the door to new possibilities.


"Always remember that there is nothing that anyone can say or do to change the way you feel about yourself.  Be proud of who you are!"


  A Special Eduactor