ASL Skills & Mentoring Program

Continue with your signing skills, join the mentoring program



ASLTA Certified Instructors who are Deaf.  We know the secrets of learning ASL

from the inside out!  Let our ASL certified Deaf mentors help you get focused

on any ASL skills needed.  Our mentors have been providing innovative approaches

for learning how to incorporate more ASL in your everyday interpreting or regular

conversations for more than a decade as ITP trainers, National or State ASL

evaluators, and/or extensive training as Deaf mentors. 


We help build your confidence in any situation where more ASL is needed.  You

won’t be disappointed! All mentoring sessions are kept confidential and are solely

at the discretion of the mentor/mentee relationship.  If you don’t feel comfortable in

groups, workshops, and/or co-workers, you have come to the right place for

private-individual attention.



Powerful empowering approaches to building and improving upon your ASL skills or Interpreting skills. These weekly one-hour sessions can focus on a specific ASL skill development in certain areas that need improvement, or consider taking one of the intensive 8-week courses that has everything you need to learn ASL or preparing you for taking a national interpreter exam with immediate downloadable access to lots of extra course materials that you can keep!