Signing in a childcare setting allows caregivers to model effective communication, encourage conflict resolution, and help children to communicate with each other. Teachers who sign can spend more time interacting with and nurturing children than managing the myriad of challenges associated with Early Childhood Education.

Children spend less time crying and teachers spend less time playing the "guessing game", allowing more time for positive interactions and enabling teachers to meet the needs of many children at once.

Signing empowers children because they can communicate successfully with those around them. This sense of empowerment significantly contributes to children's happiness.

Signing enhances early language skills because children can engage in two-way conversations with their teachers and their peers at an earlier age. Signing serves as a language bridge for children and staff who speak different languages. The sign is the same for "eat" (English) as it is for "comer" (Spanish).

In signing classrooms, teachers report there are fewer instances of biting, hitting, and screaming because children are less frustrated

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