Our ASL mentoring (Intensive) online private classes is offered through the use of distance education technologies (must have access to any: Videophone (VP), Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, or Google Hangouts). These intensive courses listed below are primarily for entry-level working and educational interpreters in the private sector. These courses are primarily geared toward obtaining a NIC certification, BEI certification, EIPA certification, and/or a renewal of any in-state interpreting licensure. The current online courses provide private one-to-one, 8-weeks online mentoring/skill practices for improving upon the following areas:


-ASL Linguistics & Skills Development for the Interpreters 

-Advanced Semantics

-Advanced Classifiers

-Advanced Interpreting in Rehabilitation Settings (NEW!)

-Advanced NIC Exam Preparation (NEW!)

-Advanced BEI Exam Preparation (NEW!)


All Preparation Exams for sign language interpreters includes a pre/post practice test, private F2F ongoing interaction with the Instructor, and reviewing all downloadable materials that will be available for ensuring 100% satisfaction with passing any of the interpreting examinations. These online courses will be taught by Dr. Suzette Garay, Ph.D., a Deaf Mentor, 20+ years of teaching ITP, ASL mentoring, & continuous conducting evaluations within all areas of the interpreter profession. Dr. Garay is a highly experienced Deaf instructor/Mentor/Evaluator currently works both in the public and private sector.


How do our online courses work?

  • You complete the pre-registration questionnaire, registration form, and determine which day/time 1-hour time slot you are available for your weekly private online sessions (see online calendar for availability of dates and times).
  • We provide you with all the practice materials, homework, test preparations, and a final evaluation of skills needing further improvements at no additional cost.
  • You can apply for RID CEUs through the following (we can help with the paperwork for approval):
  • Participant-initiated non-RID activities (PINRA)
  • Independent study activities through employment or professional development opportunities
  • You will be eligible to participate in our ASL On The Go! Program for continual support with discounted future online sessions when needed.


What is the cost for online classes?

  • Cost: $300.00 includes one hour of private one to one weekly online sessions with a live instructor, a practice pre/post-test, a pre-assessment evaluation, and direct feedback with supported materials for ongoing improvements.
  • Individual specific materials for continuous studying that you get to keep (like a cheat sheet!)
  • The course's eight week content will be delivered through any online/chat formats of your choice, use of our virtual platform. Instructions on how to access online course and the materials will be sent before the online course begins.


Participants must have access to a computer, Internet service and commitment to a weekly schedule for one hour online sessions.

ASL Skills & Mentoring (Intensive) Courses