This is an online 6-weeks NCAP Training and Resource Program that includes a one-hour weekly highly personalized sessions that goes beyond the normal 4-Hour Getting Started Workshop training that Sign2Me Company recommends. These one-hour sessions will cover several in-depth preparations for how to teach the NCAP and will help you begin to teach the program at your home, classroom, or childcare setting.  The cost of the 6-weeks training is $300.00 that includes all materials, 12 hour of CEUs documentation, certification of completion, and/or possible advanced professional development credits with your state Childcare Registry.


• After the 6-Hour training is complete, you should be able to do the following:

  • Explain normal early child developmental Milestones and how teaching the weekly lesson plans impact each developmental stages for optimal learning. 
  • Create, discuss, and teach individualized lesson plans (40-50 minutes in length) when working with Daycare providers, staff, and/or parents who take the online courses.
  • Identify areas of concern, how to answer common questions, and/or how to provide detailed information about specific theory and methods that are key to the lesson for each week.
  • Demonstrate how objectives will provide an overview on why the lesson is presented in specific way and what the lesson hopes to accomplish.
  • Demonstrate how to share and discuss additional resources for materials, concepts and other supportive information for Daycare Providers.
  • Maximize the marketing advantage as an Early Childhood Educator incorporation a sign language program through your own State Registry as a value-added service for you as a provider, presenter, and/or for establishing your own Sign With Your Baby daycare business.


You will be sent an email with downloadable materials & instructions after you sign up.

Sign2Me Childcare & Parent Course