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It’s not about being different that matters…


Dr. Suzette Garay is an accomplished motivational speaker who can present on a wide range of topics encompassing the special education, deaf awareness, and cultural diversity fields. She is also an exceptional educator and consultant in special education. She travels nationwide, giving motivational presentations and workshops on related issues. Dr. Garay’s impressive credentials, her academic background and her own experience growing up as a Deaf Latino uniquely qualify her to provide valuable insight into what drives a person to achieve. The next step is to help the individual to realize his/her greatest potential.


…it’s what you do with it that counts!


Dr. Garay endeavors to inspire educators and parents to really look at each person in a new light, to envision the talents and possibilities that are locked within, and provide tools that empower these individuals to achieve new levels of accomplishment. Together, you can find the key to unlock the door to new possibilities.


Dr. Garay’s Presentations are about overcoming barriers in life. You can turn a weakness into a strength. To schedule a speaking engagement in your area, contact Dr. Garay directly at




“Dr. Garay’s presentation about culture and differences moved me to tears and yet richly expanded my thinking.”  Lisa Dieker, Teacher Educator:

“Dr. Garay’s Presentation while a sad comment on our social welfare system, showed what a strong person can achieve in life. A wonderful role model and advocate for families who have a child with a disability.”  Mr. Gregory Colomy, Parent Advocate:

“I know Suzette personally and professionally. I've had always known her to be an organized, responsible, and an easy going individual. I believe that her skills and background make her an excellent business associate, partner, and a team player! 


She provides a very pinpointed perspective, as a deaf person, that hearing people can never really fully understand--and makes it easier and more relevant with her ability to communicate universally to her audience, deaf or hearing.

Todd Liesich, Accessibility Director for Target Incorporation

Inspirational, Motivating, & Compassionate


                   Suzette Garay, PhD


.Dr. Suzette Garay, PhD

Professional Development Trainer

 "Always remember that there is nothing that anyone can say or do to change the way you feel about yourself.  Be proud of who you are!"


    A Special Educator